Pressure vacuum and cooling lines are planned to very detail.

3 Station Mold Sample:

Kapak De-Monte

Sample mold top diassembled.








For balanced forming, pressure air is distributed.

Cooling water lines prevent overheating of the top and get longer lifespan for seals.

The 2 plug assist slides have special seals.


Kapak Monte Ters

Sample mold top assembled. (1)

Kapak Monte Duz

Sample mold top assembled. (2)








The cage with seals splits plug assists. By holding the material individually for each cavity, we get a better forming balance.


Form Alt

Forming body assembled. (1)

Form Ust

Forming body assembled. (2)








Vacuum and cooling lines are designed to very detail. Ejecting plate operates with springs. The seal beneath ejecting plate completes the vacuum sealing.


Metal Oynar Bicak

Metal free moving knife.








The metal free moving knifes center themselves to materials with plastic guides. Manual adjustments or repeatedly knife production to meet shrinkage rates are not required.